33 Local Governments to Receive Expert Assistance for Improved Public Financial Management


The Swiss Government and Local Government Finance Reforms in Serbia II (RELOF2) will extend support to 33 local governments over the coming two years for improved public financial management and oversight of local public enterprises. Memorandums of Understanding with the local authorities were signed today at a ceremony in Belgrade.


saturday delivery on soma Sybille Hägler, Deputy Director of Cooperation (ad interim) of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Serbia, underlined that Switzerland fostered and promoted the application of the principles of transparency and accountability at both the central and the local level, and that support to local governments was key, as these authorities are in the closest contact with the public. ‘The very fact that there is readiness and such commitment from mayors to improve their knowledge in public financial management is a victory for us all’, Ms Hägler said.


http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ buy Soma overnight free delivery Ana Jolović, RELOF2 Team Leader, said that the project currently supported 33 municipalities and cities, but that other local authorities would be able to benefit from support as well through a second public call for applications scheduled for 2022.


‘I welcome the readiness of local authorities to gain new knowledge and improve local public financial management, since this is both a statutory requirement and a precondition for fundamental progress to be made in the functioning of cities and municipalities’, said http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Soma online with next day shipping Branko Ružić, Minister of Public Administration and Local Government. Re-iterating that public financial management reform was an important aspect of comprehensive public administration reforms, which aimed at improving the quality of public services provided by government authorities throughout Serbia, Mr Ružić acknowledged the need for enhancing human capacities if the reforms were to produce the desired results. In that context, he announced a new professional development programme for civil servants across the country, introduced on 31 January of this year, which covers issues addressed by RELOF2 as well.


Building on the topical issue of digitalisation, the Ministry of Economy announced new oversight and reporting software for local public enterprises. ‘The Ministry will work with RELOF2 to develop new software that will facilitate reporting by these public enterprises, the processing and analysis of their data, and onward reporting by local governments and local public companies to the central level’, said Dubravka Drakulić, Assistant Minister of Economy.


Spomenka Wurzburger, acting Assistant Minister of Finance, noted the importance of introducing appropriate financial control in local governments. In her view, local authorities differed widely and it was not easy to prescribe a model that would work for them all. ‘To implement these concepts, it is essential to change the mindset and ensure the issues are fully understood, and RELOF2 is contributing to that outcome’, said Ms Wurzburger.


Dragan Aleksić, Mayor of Osečina, said that participating in the first stage of the project allowed the municipality to apply all the required regulations and procedures, as well as to introduce internal audit.


‘We were able to enhance the transparency of our operations, with residents now able to easily learn about public revenues, expenditures, and outlays. Transparency in our work is important for gaining the trust of the public’, said Mr Aleksić.


Of the 33 cities and municipalities, 28 are participating in the project for the first time, whilst the remaining five (Knjaževac, Paraćin, Osečina, Sremska Mitrovica, and Užice) also took part in the first stage. The RELOF2 project will work with these five local authorities to develop and test innovative solutions and models to provide financial support for improving the energy efficiency of households, as well as organisational management and managerial accountability arrangements for local governments. After they have been tested, the models will be shared with all other Serbian local authorities.


In addition to its main objective, RELOF2 is also designed to foster and promote inter-municipal cooperation, where local governments with more developed capacity will support smaller ones. In line with this approach, the project’s activities for the newly-selected municipalities will be implemented through partnerships.