RELOF Findings Confirmed: Serbian Municipalities and Cities seek to Improve Financial Management


Representatives of online soma sale 60 local authorities (13 cities and 47 municipalities) from across Serbia met on Soma fedex shipping, Soma shipped c.o.d. 11 and 12 December 2018 in Zlatibor for a US Soma FEDEX ~ ONLINE US PHARMACY Soma conference organised by RELOF that was devoted to improving public financial management. The conference focused on the findings of a study on the extent to which FMC and IA have been implemented in Serbian local governments, recently performed by RELOF.


‘Over the past three years, RELOF has directly assisted six partner cities and municipalities and a number of locally owned enterprises to establish and strengthen their public financial management capacities by introducing and enhancing FMC and IA. We are highly pleased that nearly all local authorities which are yet to set up FMC have shown interest in establishing this system, as revealed by the study. We are planning to incorporate knowledge gained from the first stage of the project, as well as the conclusions of this conference, in planning for the second stage’, said Ana Jolović, RELOF Team Leader.


Financial management and control is a system of policies, procedures, and activities established, maintained and regularly updated by the manager of a beneficiary of public funds, which permits risk management so as to provide reasonable assurances that the objectives of the beneficiary of public funds will be attained appropriately, economically, efficiently, and effectively. Simply put, when FMC is introduced and steadily enhanced, those responsible for managing taxpayers’ funds do so in an efficient and economically sustainable manner, ensuring that objectives are met, dealing with risk, and continuously improving services delivered to the public. The Serbian Public Financial Reform Programme, 2016-2020, also notes that comprehensive and well-ordered public finance is a precondition for successful reform and development of all sectors of the economy.


Jelena Pavlović, who led the research into the extent of FMC and IA in local authorities and locally-owned enterprises, praised the response from local governments who took part in the study and so helped develop a clear picture of which improvements would be needed. ‘Discussion at the conference clearly showed that progress had been made in raising awareness of the need to introduce and improve public financial management systems. Both authorities with FMC and IA and those that are yet to inaugurate them have shown great interest in activities in this area’, she emphasised.


The conference gained added value from the attendance of officers of the Ministry of Finance Central Harmonisation Unit, as well as representative of other institutions, organisations, and programmes involved in public finance reforms and broader public administration reform efforts. In her closing statement at the conference, Spomenka Vircburger, Acting Assistant Minister of Finance responsible for the Internal Control and Internal Audit Department, expressed her pleasure with the fact that the findings of RELOF’s research and discussions at the conference re-affirmed the information and data obtained by the Ministry of Finance and matched its activity plans for the upcoming period. The Ministry of Finance also answered a number of outstanding questions and resolved several issues brought to its attention by the local authorities, which ought to contribute to greater effectiveness of all public financial reform stakeholders.


Not only did the conference analyse the findings of the research and reasons for the current state of affairs, but discussions in the four focus groups (cities and municipalities with and without FMC and IA) also produced specific proposals for enhancing this aspect of local financial management.


The Local Finance Reform Project (RELOF) is a multi-annual initiative worth EUR 1.5 million, supported by the Swiss Government, that aims to improve service delivery for 330,000 final beneficiaries, residents of the six participating communities of Vranje, Sremska Mitrovica, Knjaževac, Osečina, Paraćin and Užice.